The  new EU wide General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) came into effect on the 25th May 2018.

This has implications for how the Parish ( as a Data Controller)  obtains, uses and stores your personal data. We follow the Diocese’s Privacy Notice available  here with the follow exception

Website: ip address of  anyone accessing the website: we store this information for internal statistical purposes and share  these details  with standard security sites if an attempt is made to gain illegal access to administrative areas. For more information please contact Derek Bond ( in the first instance.

For more information  on our general GDPR policies please contact the Parish Office.

Important – under GDPR digital images are defined as personal data.  The Parish streams a real-time  high definition  video of  the main altar area, including the first four rows of pews at all times and stores, for public access, low definition videos of all Masses on the Parish website. If you are unhappy for your digital images to be captured by the Parish for these purposes please:

  • do not sit in the front four rows of the main church

All Masses are also streamed to YouTube and their GDPR policy applies to all such videos.

For security purposes cameras capture all movements in the church – these recordings are securely stored and are only accessible by  the Parish as required and may be shared with the PSNI as necessary.

In normal circumstances :

  • the security images are held for 28 days;
  • the normal Mass recordings for 7 days;
  • special Mass recordings for 365 days.

If you require more information on how your digital images are captured, stored and used please contact Derek Bond

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